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GM Adjustable High Voltage Digital Megohm Meter
Apply to testing of electrical insulation resistance characteristics of high voltage substations, power plants, remote power cables or buried cables. Test voltage: 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20kV, resistance measurement range is wide from 0.01MΩ~1999GΩ.
For safety, before use the instrument must be well earthed. That’s because the measured target connects to high voltage power, and exists power frequency leakage. 
Once high voltage has started, do not use manual discharge method to check the instrument. After test, please wait the instrument completes automatic discharge and automatically returns to zero, then manual discharge can be operated. That is because electrical pulse caused by short-circuit discharge will damage the insulation life of the measured object; if the pulse fleeing into the instrument, will also damage the integrated circuit inside the instrument.
The instrument is designed for HV substations and power plants to test the characteristic of large HV transformer, electric machines and appliances, remote power cable or buried cable and other electrical insulation resistance in strong interference environment. It also can be widely used for testing characteristics of insulation resistance in other area.

1. With strong anti-electric field interference ability up to 2mA (50Hz), it is suitable for 500kV substation without dismantling wire to test insulation resistance of 500kV large-scale transformer.

2. The short-circuit current of test power> 5mA, maximum up to 15mA. Be suitable for testing high capacity and high inductance.
3. Wide resistance range from 0.5MΩ ~ 1999MΩ. With high-resolution, having accurate readings. 
4. Wide voltage range: 0.5kV, 1kV, 2.5kV, 5kV, 10kV, 20 kV, you can smoothly adjust voltage from 0V to the desired value.
5. With timekeeping function, remind users to record, and analyze absorptance and polarization index of measured target.

1、Product specification:

Model Measurement voltage Voltage accuracy Short circuit current
GM-5kV 0.1、0.25、0.5、1、2.5、5kV ±(5%+10V) 10mA
GM-10kV 0.25、0.5、1、2.5、5、10kV ±(5%+10V) 10mA
GM-15kV 0.5、1、2.5、5、10、15kV ±(5%+10V) 10mA
GM-20kV 0.5、1、2.5、5、10、20kV ±(5%+10V) 10m

2、Rang and accuracy:

Range Active range of resistance measurement Accuracy
20MΩ 0.01~19.99MΩ ±(5%+3d)
200MΩ 5.0~199.9MΩ ±(5%+3d)
2GΩ 0.05~1.999GΩ ±(5%+3d)
20GΩ 0.5~19.99GΩ ±(5%+3d)
200GΩ 5.0~199.9GΩ ±(10%+3d)
2000GΩ 50~1999GΩ ±(20%+10d)
MΩ range calibrated voltage 0.5kV,GΩ range calibrated voltage 2.5kV
Test voltage range to ensure accuracy of resistance measurement:20% above Voltage range nominal value
When the voltage over 8kV, in order to accurately measure resistance above 20GΩ, High voltage electrode conductors exposed to air should be shielded to avoid the impact of air ionization
2000GΩ range as reference , used in dry environment with relative humidity less than 70%.

Test voltage grade 0.5kV、1kV、2.5kV、5kV、10kV、20kV
Accuracy of test voltage ±(5%+10V)
short-circuit current Typical value 10mA
Resistance to electric field interference 2mA(50/60Hz)
Alarm function The stopwatch shows a maximum value of 19min59seconds, 20 min in a cycle, Beep for 15 seconds, 60 seconds per minute, short sound alarm, resistance reading keep3 seconds, When the measured resistance is lower than the lower limit of the range, continuous sound alarm will be used when the reading is invalid
Display Digital LCD meters , Display test voltage, resistance and time respectively
Power supply Internal 1.2V/2000mAh ni-mh rechargeable battery 10pcs,DC12V supply power. AC (50/60Hz)220V connect the entrance to charge or float the battery
Serve condition Temperature:﹣20℃~﹢40℃ Relative humidity:20%~90%
Dimension(L×W×H) 315×240×180mm3
Weight 5.5kg

Serial Number
Name Amount
1 Mainframe one
2 High voltage cable 
3 Connection line
4 Reference resistor
5 AC 220V Power line
6 Specification
7 Inspection Report
8 Certification

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