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Huayi Supplied Power Test Equipment for a Hunan Company


In December, Huayi supplied power test equipment for a Hunan company, and according to the user's test requirements,  XZB-540kVA/270kV variable frequency series resonance test complete set was recommended.

1. The AC withstand voltage of 110kV/50000VA power transformer, the capacitance is ≤0.015uF, the test frequency is 45-65Hz, and the test voltage is 160kV;

2. 35kV/500mm2 cable, withstand voltage test of length less than 2km, capacitance ≤0.46uF, test frequency 30-300Hz, test voltage not exceeding 52kV;

3. The AC withstand voltage of 110kVGIS, insulators, switches and other electrical equipment, the test frequency is 30-300Hz, and the test voltage does not exceed 265kV;

XZB series variable frequency series resonance consists of variable frequency power supply, excitation transformer, reactor, capacitive voltage divider and compensation capacitor (optional). The capacitor and reactor of the tested product form a series resonance connection; the voltage divider is connected in parallel to the tested product to measure the resonance voltage on the tested product and used as an overvoltage protection signal; the frequency-modulated power output is coupled to the excitation transformer The series resonance circuit provides excitation power for series resonance. The variable frequency series resonance test device uses the principle of series resonance, uses an excitation transformer to excite the series resonance circuit, adjusts the output frequency of the variable frequency controller, and makes the loop inductance L and the test product C resonate in series, and the resonance voltage is the voltage applied to the test product. The frequency conversion resonance test device is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical and other industries, and is suitable for the transfer and preventive test of large-capacity, high-voltage capacitive test products.

The complete set of variable frequency series resonance test equipment is mainly aimed at the AC withstand voltage test of cross-linked cables, hydroelectric generators, main transformers, bus bars, GIS, etc. It has a wide range of applications. It is used by local, city and county-level high-voltage test departments and power installations. Ideal pressure equipment for repair and test engineering units.