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Procedure for Testing of Medium Voltage Switchgear


Procedure for Testing of Medium Voltage Switchgear
The ability to interrupt an electrical current is determined by measuring its travel and velocity curves.
1. Functional Test
Performing a test trip on the circuit breaker ensures it is functioning correctly.
2. Contact Timing Test
In contact timing testing, we look at how long it takes for an order to go from being placed to the contacts being closed or divided.
3. Vibration Test
During vibration testing, the circuit breaker's unique vibration signature is quantified.
4. Contact Resistance Test
In contact resistance testing, the contact resistance that carries electricity is measured.
5. Tightness Test
In tightness testing, one manually examines the connections between breakers to ensure they are secure.
6. Dynamic Contact Resistance Test
In dynamic contact resistance testing, the resistance between the contacts is measured in a continuous cycle.
7. AC Insulation Test
The separation distance between open contacts and the line and ground is determined during AC insulation testing.
8. Auxiliary Circuits Insulation Test
The isolation of low-voltage control circuits is evaluated during insulation testing for auxiliary circuits.
9. X-Ray Test
X-ray testing is used to evaluate internal parts' health in sealed assemblies.
Quality Control Engineer, Site Electrical Engineer, and Consultant should all review and sign off on test findings.