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XZB-D Portable Cable Resonance Test System
It is applied to cable portable variable frequency resonant withstand voltage test XZB-D makes the reactor and tested capacitor in resonant by adjusting the frequency of the power source, to get high voltage and heavy current from measured equipment. The variable frequency resonance booster is composed of adjustable frequency/voltage power, exciting transformer, reactor and capacitor voltage divider.
XZB-D portable cable withstand voltage tester adopts the method that adjust the frequency of power supply, making reactor and tested capacitor get resonance and the HV high current is available from tested equipment. This is a new method and trend at present, widely applied at home and abroad. The tester equipment is composed of variable frequency power supply, excitation transformer, reactor and capacitor. The capacitor and reactor of tested equipment constitute the form of series resonant connection. Voltage divider is in parallel in tested equipment, which used to test the resonant voltage of it and as over-voltage protective signal. The frequency power output through excitation transformer is coupled to series resonant circuit, providing excitation power of series resonance.

1.Small in volume, light in weight.

2.This system need one person to carry the device less than 30KG, two people less than 60KG. Suitable to carry on site.

3.Power supply, Single phase: 220V or 380V, convenient to get power on site.

4.Reactor uses epoxy cast, beautiful and reliable, suit for all kinds of cables.

5.110kV and above voltage level cable withstand voltage test use oil-immersed reactors, when the weight of single machine is more than 100kg, optional dedicated small electric cranes


Temperature -10℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤95%, no condensation
Altitude ≤3000 meter
Rated Capacity 1040kVA
Input Power Three phase 380V, Frequency 50Hz
Rated voltage 130kV 
Rated Current 8A 
Output frequency 30-300Hz  
Voltage waveform Sine Wave, waveform distortion rate<1.0%
Working time Continuous working time 60min under rated load, overvoltage 1.1 times, 1minute
Temperature Rise Continuous working time 60min under rated load, temperature rise≤65K
Quality Factor Q≥30(f=45Hz)
Measurement Accuracy System Effective value 1.5 

Serial Number
Name Amount
1 Mainframe one
2 Specification
3 Inspection Report  
4 Certification
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