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BC2010 Dual Display Insulation Resistance Tester
Apply to measuring insulation resistance of large capacity transformer, transformer, generator, high voltage motor and arrester. Output voltage choose ( 500V,1000V,2500V,5000V).
BC2010 Intelligent Dual Display Insulation Resistance Tester produced by our company perfectly combines embedded industrial single chip real-time operating systems, ultra-thin taut suspension header and graphic dot matrix LCD display. The instrument having a variety of output voltage level (500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V), and is characterized by large capacity, strong anti-jamming, synchronized pointer and digital display, AC-DC dual-use, simple operation, automatic calculating various kinds of insulation indexes (absorption ratio, polarization index) and measurement results with anti-out power function, and so on. It is an ideal tester to measure insulation resistance of these equipments such as large-capacity transformer, instrument transformer, generator, HV motor, power capacitors, power cables, arrester, etc.
1 The instrument has a variety of output voltages: BC2000(2500V/5000V), BC2010(500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V).The measurement range of resistance is 0~200GΩ, and it can automatically shift with corresponding indication. 
2 Insulation resistance in two ways simultaneously displays. The application of the ultra-thin taut suspension structure to pointer makes it have strong shock resistance. Through mechanical pointer, it is easy to observe insulation resistance range; dot matrix LCD screen can be used to guide the user operating the instrument and can accurately display the measurement results.
3 Perfect combination of mechanical pointer and LCD screen. Dual-scale display, automatic range conversion. Colorized scale is easy to read, and LED display corresponding color.
4 Adopting embedded industrial SCM and real-time operating software system. The instrument owns advantages of high automaticity, strong anti-jamming capability, automatic calculating the absorption ratio and the polarization index without manual intervention.
5 User-friendly, all measurement results with anti-power-down function, can store 20 consecutive measurements.
6 When the instrument generates high voltage, there will be a prompt tone output.
7 Built-in residual high voltage discharge circuit, completed the test, it will automatically release the residual voltage on the measured device.
8 AC/DC dual-use, configure rechargeable battery and AC adaptor.
9 Portable designs facilitate field operations.
10 High voltage short-circuit current ≥3mA, It is an ideal insulation resistance tester to measure these equipments such as transformer, instrument transformer, generator, high voltage motor, power capacitor, power cable, arrester, etc.

Model Model
Output voltage 500V DC 1000V DC 2500V DC 5000V DC
Accuracy Temperature 23℃±5℃
Insulation resistance 1MΩ~20GΩ,±5% 1MΩ~20GΩ,±5% 1MΩ~20GΩ,±5% 1MΩ~20GΩ,±5%
Output voltage 4MΩ~20GΩ,0~+10% 4MΩ~20GΩ,0~+10% 4MΩ~20GΩ,0~+10% 4MΩ~20GΩ,0~+10%
HV short-circuit current ≥3mA
Power supply 8 AA batteries(8 AA rechargeable batteries, external charger)
Work environment Temperature:-10℃~40℃,Relative humidity: ≤85 %
Storage environment Temperature:-20℃~60℃,Relative humidity: ≤90 %
Insulation performance When the voltage between circuit and shell body is 1000V DC, the maximum resistance is 2000MΩ.
Withstand voltage properties When the voltage between circuit and shell body is 2500V DC, withstand voltage time is 1 minute.
Dimension 230mm×190mm×90mm  (L×W×H)
Weight 2KG
Accessory A set test line, the instruction manual, certificate, charge adapter, power cord


Serial Number
Name Amount
1 Mainframe one
2 Test line one
3 Charger one
4 Power line one
5 Battery eight
6 Specification
7 Inspection Report 
8 Certification

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