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E-commerce accelerating the creation of a new trade pattern


The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted global economic environment, particularly in terms of foreign trade, facing more serious challenges in many years. In February, Hubei province found COVID-19 cases, our foreign trade colleagues still received procurement, support and encouragement from overseas friends through the e-commerce platform.

After technical communication, the customer felt our professional technical ability and warm service, decided to order a transformer dielectric loss tester and agreed to delay the delivery due to the epidemic. Thank you very much for your trust and support to our company!

The tan delta tester was on its way to Thailand on April 12. Dielectric loss measurement is a basic method in insulation test, which can effectively discover the whole insulation deterioration and local defect of electrical equipment. It is widely used in electrician manufacture, electrical equipment installation, handover and preventive test.

After 15 years of precipitation and development, Huayi electric is the best choice for you as test equipment supplier. We have own large factory, ISO9001 certification system, lots of equipment inventory, independent research and development, production, sales, after-sales, one-stop service, affordable price, and support the state Grid Corporation of China, high voltage Research Institute, large power plants, hydropower stations and the experimental products of various universities. We serve electric power by science and technology, achieve enterprise by progress, try our best to meet the needs of customers!