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Customized 10kV voltage sensor smooth delivery, attention!


From the receipt of the order notice to the packing and delivery of products, due to the particularity of the equipment parameters, teachers from Xi 'an University contacted with the regional manager of our company. It not only inspected our company's qualifications and research and development technology, but also explained the functional requirements of the voltage divider and the price side and other issues. After many communications between the two sides, the purchase and sale contract was signed in the middle of the year.

At 8:30 this Wednesday morning, the workshop in the trial production department of the R&D center was extremely busy. Members of the project team gathered nervously around the customized 10kV voltage sensor, doing the final debugging before packing and shipping.During this period, the r&d, upgrade and debugging lasted for three months. Under the close cooperation of the R&D and workshop, the 10kV voltage sensor customized by Xi 'an Jiaotong University was ready for delivery on October 28. After layers of testing, to meet the factory requirements. The 10kV voltage sensor has successfully arrived at the laboratory of Xi 'an University. In the future, Huayi Electric Power will continue to strengthen the cooperation with colleges and universities, on the one hand to contribute to China's educational and scientific research, and on the other hand to industrialize the cutting-edge science and technology of colleges and universities. After 15 years of development, Huayi Electric power has gradually established the brand image of "Huayi Electric Power" at home and abroad.In the future, we will keep up with the market demand, continue to develop new products and improve product performance, we will also improve the professional technology and improve the service system as the basis for survival, and continue to provide quality power test equipment for our customers!