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Online and offline efforts: we focus on service, customers


2020 promises to be an extraordinary year. In the past half a year, we have experienced so many firsts, seen so many extraordinary things, and witnessed so much history that never happened before. In the first half of the year, the epidemic, floods, as well as COVID-19 constantly impact our life. Anyway, time has changed and we've come a long way. Each of our departments has a heavy workload this year.

Huayi power customers frequently receive goods, found a phenomenon, is that some customers do not know how to use correctly, in order to this phenomenon, we carry out after-sales remote activities. By calling, WeChat, WhatsApp, face to face meeting and other way, we also will arrange technical personnel to guide users to use the "electrical measuring equipment".

This is the "online + offline" two-way interconnection service customers "to get strong praise from customers", comprehensively optimize the electric power service mode, let the concept of "stay at home, easy training" truly into the lives of customers, improve customers' sense of convenience and speed.

Up to now, Huayi Electric Power has vigorously promoted "online and offline" services and served departmental customers. Conventional services have been successfully transferred online and the transformation has achieved remarkable results.