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Shipping news: Two sets of VLF 80KV AC hipot test set shipped to Philippines


Looking back at the year 2020, the new crown epidemic at the beginning of the year has brought a heavy blow to many enterprises, and it is difficult to walk.In this year, many old customers still choose to cooperate with Huayi Electric Power Co., Ltd., which has given us great support and help.Hereby, all the employees of Huayi Electric Power would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our new and old customers for their support during this period.

At the end of the year Huayi power ushered in the second half of the peak transaction, customer orders continue, the company is busy.At the end of last month, the Marketing Department heard another good news. A customer from the Philippines ordered 2 sets of 80KV ultra-low frequency AC hipot generators. After receiving the customer's order demand this time, the Huayi Power team quickly responded to the customer's requirements, and quickly completed the order and delivered the goods on the premise of ensuring the product quality.

VLF AC HIPOT test set is actually an alternative method of power frequency withstand voltage test. Large capacity resonant transformer can be substituted in the power frequency withstand voltage test of large generator and cable. The product combines modern advanced digital variable frequency technology and microcomputer control together; therefore, it can realize the full automatic voltage boost, stepdown, measurement and protection as well as the manual intervention in the process of automatic voltage boost. The full electronic design ensures the small size and light weight. The big LCD screen ensures the clear and visual display, and can display the output wave form. The printer outputs test reports.

Ultra-low frequency high voltage generator is a high-voltage testing device for ultra-low frequency AC voltage resistance test. This device is suitable for the insulation and voltage resistance test of polyethylene, XLPE plastic cable and other high-voltage electrical equipment in the field of power departments and industrial and mining enterprises. Compared with DC voltage withstand test, the device is less destructive and equivalent to AC power frequency voltage withstand test.

It has been proved from many years of theory and practice at home and abroad that replacing power frequency voltage withstand test with 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency voltage withstand test can not only have the same effect, but also greatly reduce the volume and weight of the equipment. The theoretical capacity is about 1% of power frequency, and the operation is simple. Compared with power frequency test, it has more advantages. That is why this method is widely used in developed countries.

Technical parameters

1. Output voltage ratings: 80 kV (peak)

2. Output frequency: 0.1Hz, 0.05 Hz, 0.02 Hz

3. Load capacity: see Table 1

0.1 Hz, Maximum 1.1 μf

0.05 Hz, Max 2.2 μf

0.02 Hz, Max 5.5 μf

4. Measurement accuracy: 1%

5. Positive and negative voltage peak errors: ≤3%

6. Voltage wave form distortion: ≤5%

7. Use condition: indoor and outdoor;


Humidity: ≤85%RH

8.Power: AC50Hz, 220V±5%

9. Power supply fuse: 10A