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After-sale service for thermal power stations


At the end of the year, the unit customer of Hunan Electric Power reached a cooperation with Huayi Electric Power and successfully signed a contract to purchase several sets of HYJF-H partial discharge detector and other equipment. The equipment purchased by the customer this time has been widely sold and well received among our customer groups. Up to now, this batch of equipment has all carried out strict quality inspection test, has been successfully shipped.

The customer bought this project for partial discharge detection of switch cabinets in all thermoelectric stations. On January 25th, the car went to Hunan to carry out the 6-day live detection service of switch cabinets.

Switchgear is a very important electrical equipment in the power system. It plays an important role in power transmission, distribution, closing and disconnecting power lines and protecting the safety of the system. If the switchgear fails, it will directly damage the switchgear and power loss, and endanger the safety of electricity use, and indirectly cause a large area of blackout for users. In order to ensure the reliability of power supply, the electric power department currently adopts the method of regular test and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the switchgear.

After a day of training and assessment, our company's engineering service technicians successfully completed the assessment requirements, completed various procedures and issued the corresponding construction work ticket, began to enter the field for partial discharge detection switch cabinet field test. Switchgear charged detection can effectively found that occurred before the fault lies hidden trouble such as partial discharge phenomenon, partial discharge is switchgear equipment insulation degradation, the main reasons of insulation failure, once the early detection of potential defects, you can have a purpose, planned in advance to do a good job of maintenance and prevention measures, reduce switch cabinet accidents caused by sudden power accident, causing unnecessary economic losses.

Switchgear patrol inspection: collect and analyze the ultrasonic signal and TEV signal on the switchgear respectively by using two effective combinations of ultrasonic and transient ground voltage (TEV), and make a preliminary conclusion, and submit the inspection report according to the inspection results.

After 6 days of careful testing, the company's engineers and technicians successfully completed the partial discharge service of the switchgear, and successfully completed all the work, which was highly recognized and accepted by the customer. Experienced this project service, the company's relevant technical personnel to summarize, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, for the next time to provide customers with higher, better, more perfect service to do our best.