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What is the role of SF6 Dew point analyzer?


  To know the important role of SF6 moisture meter, we first need to know what SF6 is. SF6 is an insulating gas, which is widely used in high voltage and ultra-high voltage applications. SF6 gas almost replaced other insulating medium, so its use is very wide

Knowing the SF6 gas, what is the important role of the SF6 moisture meter? If you read the name SF6 moisture meter, the function of this device is to measure the water content of SF6 gas, also known as humidity.

  So why is the SF6 moisture meter test important? This is because SF6 gas is widely used as an insulating medium, but its use also has some problems. SF6 is a kind of insulating medium, and the gas humidity is closely related to the micro water content. SF6 reacts chemically with water under the action of arc coronavirus, produce Fluorides that highly corrosive substances HF and highly toxic substances, may threaten the safety of equipment and personnel. Explosive accidents may occur in serious cases.

  When the humidity of SF6 gas in the device is too high and there is liquid water on the surface of the insulator, the discharge voltage on the surface of the insulator drops and the insulation in the device drops. The insulation of equipment in operation is mainly related to humidity, temperature, pressure and other parameters. The insulation level of the equipment varies according to the same humidity value measured under pressure. Therefore, carrying out content testing and moisture control is important for safe power supply and water supply.

  At present, the domestic better SF6 moisture meter uses imported humidity sensor, accurate full scale measurement, good long-term stability and reproducibility, not affected by

dust particles and a variety of chemical pollution, widely used in electric power, chemical, aviation, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries. The measuring time of the device is short, pollution resistance, small volume, light weight, easy to use, is a very good SF6 dew point analyzer.