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Huayi Supplies Electric Test Equipment for Dongjin Hydropower Plant


In October, Huayi completed the delivery of power test equipment for Dongjin Power Plant as scheduled.

The models supplied in this order are: ZZC-40A DC resistance tester, JYY-H insulating oil dielectric strength tester, GKC-M high voltage switch mechanical characteristic tester, JYX-H safety tool withstand voltage test device, HLY-100C circuit Resistance tester, DMG2671F insulation resistance tester, HY661 microcomputer relay protection tester. All the equipment of this batch was submitted for inspection and was sent to the user site along with the inspection report issued by the Hubei Metrology Institute, and the successful delivery was notified this month.

With 15 years of production experience, excellent technical and sales personnel, and a strong after-sales service team, Huayi Power won the top spot in this bidding. We will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "technology-based, quality first, customer first, and win-win cooperation" to serve our customers!