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Troubleshooting of Variable Frequency Series Resonance Test Equipment


Due to the quality differences of various manufacturers of variable frequency series resonant devices, the voltage of some equipment cannot be boosted and the resonance point cannot be found. The failure to boost the voltage is the problem of the tester itself, which is mainly reflected in the reactor. We can take the simplest method to check if the coil is blown, that is, self-resonance. Since variable frequency series resonance has a wide frequency range (30~300Hz), if there is no special design requirement, its own capacitive reactance and inductive reactance meet the resonance conditions. Yes, connect all the reactors in series and select automatic test in the operation mode. Observe the voltage change once in the display window. If there is no boost in the frequency range, you can locate the cause of the fault at this time Reactor.

It is also very simple to troubleshoot the reactor. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the upper and lower ports. The complete coil has a certain line resistance. The size of the line resistance is related to the capacity of the reactor. You don't need to care about the line resistance when troubleshooting. The size, as long as there is a resistance value, of course, it can also be compared with other reactors. When the coil is fused, the resistance value on both sides is infinite.