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ZGS Integrated DC Hipot Test set
Apply to direct current voltage test and leakage test of zinc oxide arrester, magnetic blow arrester, power cable, transformer, generator and other equipment in electric power, railway, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, steel and other departments.

The instrument adopts high frequency voltage doubling circuit, using the latest PWM pulse width modulation technology and the voltage and current double closed loop feedback technology to improve the power supply adjustment rate and load regulation rate, so that the voltage stability is high, the ripple is small. The high quality and portability of DC high voltage generator is realized by using imported high power IGBT device and its driving technology to eliminate the interference of the switch. The selection of imported high-frequency high-voltage rectifier diodes makes the cylinder more compact and lightweight, to enhance the efficiency of the whole machine.

This instrument adopts the integral design scheme: cylinder and the host are placed in a box, combined with the latest technology, selection of the new device, small size, high power, light weight, convenient operation, safe and reliable, high quality of power output, is the ideal test instrument for high voltage testing industry.


1. Output voltage stable: using the latest PWM pulse width modulation technology and the voltage and current double closed loop feedback technology to improve the power supply adjustment rate and load regulation rate, the ripple is small.
2. Comprehensive protection: complete protection functions, with zero protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, breakdown protection, circuit protection using nanosecond special sensor, fast and reliable action, effective protect personal and equipment safety. 
3. 0.75U function: add intelligent high precision 0.75U function button, press this button, the voltage and current automatically to the 0.75U state, which is conducive to zinc oxide arrester test.
4. Voltage stepping from zero: boost potentiometer zero boost, the use of imported multi circle potentiometer, boosting process is stable, high precision adjustment.
5. Over-voltage setting: use digital dial switch, easy to operate, and has a high setting accuracy.
6. Integral design: cylinder and the host are placed in a box. Use imported high-frequency high-voltage rectifier diodes, cylinder with compact size, improve the efficiency of the whole machine, easy to carry. 
7. Reliable performance: the key components are high performance imported components, the outer surface of the cylinder is coated with special insulation materials, good electrical performance, strong moisture capacity, no leakage.
8. The operation is simple: the instrument interface each function key, the layout is reasonable, the instruction is clear, easy to learn and use


Specification 60/2 60/3 60/5 120/2 120/5
Rated(kV) 60 60 60 120 120
Rated(mA) 2 3 5 2 3
Rated power(W) 120 180 300 240 360
Weight(kg) 9 10
Volume(mm3 465*390*190 565*390*190
Voltage cylinder height(mm) 440 535
Accuracy of output voltage ±(1.0%R±2D)
Accuracy of output current ±(1.0%R±2D)
Ripple factor ≤0.5%
Working mode Intermittent use, 30 minutes under rated load
Over-load capacity
The no-load voltage can exceed the rated voltage 10% for 10 minutes
The maximum charge current is 1.25 times of the rated current
Power AC220V±10% 50HZ
Service conditions Temperature: -10-40℃
Relative humidity: less than 85% under 25℃, without moisture
Altitude:1500M under

Serial Number
Name Amount Serial Number
Name Amount
1 Mianframe
8 Four-core connecting line
2 High pressure doubler
9 Ground lead
3 Micro-ampere meter
10 3A Fuse
4 Discharging rod
11 Specification
5 Current limiting resistor
12 Inspection Report
6 High Voltage power line
13 Certification
7 Power line

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